Avalon Associates, LLC is a distinguished group of management advisers who share a common vision of creating value for clients. We accomplish this in three ways:

  • We have done extensive work with private company sell-side clients to help them realize accumulated value embedded within their companies.
  • We are involved in significant buy-side work with major public and private corporations and private equity groups searching for acquisitions.
  • We provide consulting services to define or refine your business strategy or operations.

Our Associates are from major consulting firms and are typically former senior executives of companies. Avalon offers its clients the right service offering for your Merger and Acquisition or Business Strategy needs. Our core group represents over 100 years of experience solving client problems and managing successful organizations.

Our Industry Knowledge is broad in scope and deep in experience. We have a comprehensive understanding of major industries that adds substantial value to each engagement. Significant recent industry experience includes:

  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Software and Technology
  • Food and Beverage
  • Military/Aerospace
  • Medical Devices and Diagnostics
  • Energy
  • Laboratory Services
  • Consumer products

Avalon has operating experience to really understand your challenges.

One of the major distinctions of Avalon is that each member of our group has had substantial line experience in manufacturing, marketing, logistics, finance, product development, and mergers and acquisitions. We understand the unique challenges in these key functions. As a result, we can quickly create actionable plans in:

  • Strategy and operating plans
  • Acquisitions and divestitures
  • Sales and marketing
  • Product development
  • Finance and capital structure
  • New business development
  • Supply chain optimization

Avalon works effectively with senior management teams.

We understand the need for management team buy-in and equally understand that an answer is meaningless if it is not fully embraced and implemented. We enable our clients to achieve alignment – by working individually and collectively with the key stakeholders, addressing objections throughout the strategy development process. Avalon’s principals bring an extensive amount of business experience and credibility to the table.

We have the experience, street smarts, and a simple desire to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with our team is treated with respect, honest disclosure, and inclusion.

Avalon delivers added value.

We provide demonstrable improvements in economic value – and to access that value with a minimum amount of time and consulting fees. We are able to deliver premium value because:

  1. Avalon’s extensive experience enables us to rapidly focus in on the key issues and strategic levers
  2. We do the work ourselves, in concert with the client organization, eliminating the need for a traditional consulting team pyramid of new trainees.

Our process facilitates change in your organization.

We design engagements consistent with the potential changes that might be necessary in strategy, processes and organization. Often designed around a series of workshops, Avalon defines the desired objectives and engages the organization at all levels in the need, the urgency, and the actions required to achieving successful outcomes. We let the data drive the analysis and the conclusions.

Our business is your business – timelines, responsiveness, and agility.

Unlike traditional large consulting firms, partners at Avalon Associates don’t spend time with administration, recruiting, training, executive committees, practice development and all of the other distractions typical of a big firm. We are able to spend our time on our true passion – solving tough problems for our clients.

Avalon’s tools are time proven.

Avalon is not an advocate of any particular consulting or management methodology. We have lived through waves of hot new approaches based on the latest best-selling business books and we have experienced “how-to” manuals which diminish creativity and dynamic problem-solving. Both are typically practiced by energetic but inexperienced users. Methodology is useful only if it creates insight or expedites solutions.

We use tools that work, including analysis techniques that are not taught in MBA programs. We use empirical as well as analytical tools, and subscribe to a broad range of online business databases to leverage our time and industry insights.

References provided on request.

We have performed over 100 successful consulting engagements spanning startups, mid-cap companies and some of the world’s largest and most complex enterprises. Our team has done extensive sell-side work for private companies and many buy-side searches for major corporations. Among its clients, Avalon has relationships that have spanned decades. We will gladly provide references to some of our current and previous clients.